Possessing various years experience and specialization in various civil and criminal laws, i.e matrimonial (divorce related) custody, property, maintenance/alimony, domestic violences and several others in the category. Talking about Advocate Pooja Shukla, she is credited with ground breaking judgements or being reported upon representing high profile clients. Catering as an advocate & senior council to several high profile celebrities, businessmen & other known personnel.

Business contracts, employment contracts, the writing of will, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorce, adoption of children, confidentiality agreements, murder, theft, domestic abuse, irreconcilable differences, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, dowry cases, bank laws, business start-ups, inheritance– No matter what your occupation, financial situation, or current station in life, you are likely familiar with at least one or more of these terms. Your familiarity might just be hearing it in passing, or in knowing that a person close to you or a friend-of-a-friend is dealing with a situation related to one or more of the above terms, even if you haven’t personally experienced or considered any of them yet. But nonetheless, you would have become familiar with such cases and terms at one point or another. about Advocate Pooja Shukla