For most people, going through a divorce is an absolutely terrible experience. best Divorce mediation in delhi. The legal process of divorce can be emotionally, not to mention financially, draining. Divorce mediation is becoming an increasingly popular way to resolve issues in a divorce in a less adversarial manner which can reduce stress and yield more mutually beneficial results. In divorce mediation, rather than both parties going to court and using a trial to resolve divorce issues, such as a property settlement, child support and child custody, the parties will sit down with a neutral third party, called a mediator. The mediator helps both individuals come to a solution agreed upon by both parties. Divorce mediation offers many advantages to a couple working through a divorce. The divorce mediation almost always takes less time than litigating a divorce, especially for those couples who have not worked everything out in advance of the divorce. Divorce mediation also helps spouses tell each other what they want, without lawyers speaking for them or telling them what they should do. Mediation helps spouses reduce the tension involved in a divorce. Also, couples who mediate are generally happier with the outcome than those who go to court, primarily because they feel like they were more directly involved in the outcome. The mediator can help couples with both immediate concerns and long-term concerns. Mediators can help focus couples on present issues, rather than bringing up hurts from the past that can be unproductive in reaching an agreement. Another benefit to mediation is that it is private, unlike a court case. However, divorce mediation is not for everyone. If couples are behaving too poorly around each other to work together in the same room, mediation may not be the best bet. Some couples are dealing with spousal abuse or substance abuse. In those situations, it’s probably best for an attorney to speak on each spouse’s behalf. Divorce mediation begins by learning more about the process. Next, the couple will gather information and provide it to the mediator. This primarily includes financial information such as assets owned, debts, bank accounts, automobiles, etc. Then, the issues that need to be resolved will be determined, such as division of property and debts, and child custody and support. The couple will then begin to discuss concerns in the presence of the mediator. The couple will make decisions about the type of arrangements they want in a step by step manner. The divorce mediator should take care to make sure the needs of the children, as well as the spouses, are met. The mediator will help the couple explore various options available. Once an arrangement is agreed on, an attorney will draft an agreement for the parties to sign. If you are interested in learning more about divorce mediation, contact us. Our divorce lawyers at Pooja Shukla. are here to help couples and families mediate the divorce process. About Us: Pooja Shukla., is a law firm consisting of best divorce and other matrimonial disputes lawyers in New Delhi (India). We are the specialist divorce lawyers having intense practice in the areas of family and divorce law including Mutual Consent Divorce, Contested Divorce, Annulment of Marriage, Declaration of Marriage as Null and Void, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Maintenance under Section 125 Cr. P. C., Case of Domestic Violence, Child Custody and Property Disputes between spouse, Dowry Cases (498-A case). We serve our clients in New Delhi, entire National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR), as well as other major cities in India. We provide emphasizing, comprehensive, compassionate, cutting-edge and best in class services to our client in the field of divorce and other matrimonial disputes. We being expert/specialist Divorce/family law Lawyers provide excellent assistance and services to our client right from the stage of pre-litigation stage by giving proper assessment of case, legal counselling/advice, exploring chances of amicable settlement, planning and making strategy for negotiation and mutual settlement all along with simultaneously planning and making strategy for legal action which includes collection of evidence and planning for defence with utmost care and expertise keeping in mind that in the event of non-resolution of dispute amicably at pre-litigation stage, our client may move for legal action or defend a case to be filed by his/her spouse with a clear cut and strong case which help our client to achieve the desired result and relief in shortest possible time. Our uniquely focused practice and years of combined experience and expertise in all aspects of matrimonial, divorce and related litigation ensures that our client’s interest is protected at any cost and in any eventuality i.e. in the event of amicable settlement as well as in case of dispute going to the court. Our significant experience and expertise in handling complex and high net worth cases help our client get the desired result in shortest possible time with minimum stress and cost. Matrimonial disputes often also involve complicated disputes in respect of assets, finances, properties and other valuables owned by a spouse. Thus, representing complex and high net worth individuals in complex matrimonial disputes involving financial matters require sophisticated financial understanding and in depth knowledge of the law. At Pooja Shukla. we pride ourselves on our expertise and specialization in divorce and matrimonial disputes, our quality work, our commitment towards the interest of our clients and achieving positive and highly satisfactory results for our clients. We are fully committed to offer each of our clients:\r\n(1) Utmost personal attention.\r\n(2) Prompt response to individual needs and queries.\r\n(3) Creative solutions to difficult and complex problems.\r\n(4) Educating clients in respect of legal processes including negotiation as well as litigation.\r\n(5) High quality of legal services including legal opinion/advice, drafting and court representation.\r\n(6) Affordable and flexible fees structure. \r\n(7) Complete confidentiality and Integrity towards our client.\r\n(8) Earliest possible resolution of matter.\r\n(9) Fullest satisfaction to our client at every stage of our services.\r\n\r\nAny legal issue may be fraught with tension, especially divorce and other family law issues, but even divorce does not need to be emotionally devastating. We having expertise in the divorce and matrimonial disputes as well as with interest of our client in our heart help our client navigate though the entire process with minimum stress and strain on individuals/families both emotionally and financially. In certain select situations, mediation and settlement outside the Court may be the right answer to resolve issues to everyone’s advantage and in other situations, there is no choice but to litigate. With our experience we can help clients figure out what process is right for them. As dedicated and committed Lawyers, we establish close working relationships with our clients, resulting in strong and effective representation and characterized by humanity, caring, and understanding. We are the leading, expert and one of best Family Disputes/divorce case Lawyers in Delhi proving best legal services to our clients in following amongst other types of cases:\r\nMutual Consent Divorce for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nContested Divorce for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nAnnulment of Marriage for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nDeclaration of Marriage as Null and Void for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nRestitution of Conjugal Rights for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nMaintenance under Section 125 Cr. P. C. for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nDomestic Violence Case for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nChild Custody and Property Disputes between spouse for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nDowry Cases (498-A case) for Indian Citizen as well as NRI/Foreigner.\r\nOther matrimonial/Family related disputes. 

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